FAQs | ProBuilt DIY Aluminum Railings

View our frequently asked questions for product and installation information. Just click on a question to view the response. Still have questions? Contact your ProBuilt Aluminum Railing Dealer for more information.

Question  I'm thinking of purchasing ProBuilt railing. Where do I start?
To obtain a quote, provide your local ProBuilt dealer with a drawing of your deck with outside dimensions. The dealer will be able to generate a quote, with bill of materials and computerized drawing, and answer any questions you may have. For your local ProBuilt Dealer, visit us at www.probuiltrailings.com or contact our Customer Service Team toll free at: 1-800-667-8247 ext 1 or send us an email.
Question  What heights are available?
ProBuilt railing is available in 2 heights, 36" and 42". ProBuilt also has a windwall system which is made to a finished height of 60"
Question  What colours are available?
ProBuilt is available in 4 standard colours or choose from 11 Diamond Series colours.
Question  What styles of railing are available?
You have a choice between picket or glass railing. There are 2 picket styles, straight 5/8"x5/8" pickets and 1 1/2" wide pickets. You can also use a glass infill, available in tempered clear.
Question  Does ProBuilt railing accommodate unusual angles?
ProBuilt posts come in standard 90° and 45° angles, for those difficult angles we have a Universal Angle Bracket which allows the home owner to adjust the angle to whatever is required.
Question  What size and style of gates are available through ProBuilt?
Gates are available in 48" wide and 36" or 42" high. ProBuilt gates can be cut down to size by the homeowner, please note that they are not made to 'meet in the middle'. Gates are available with straight picket or wide picket infill, glass is not available in gates.
Question  Can I order directly through your company?
Our company is a manufacturer / wholesaler. We sell our products through hardware and building supply stores. We do not sell directly to home owners or contractors.
Question  Can someone from your company come out and measure up my deck?
Our company is a manufacturer / wholesaler and do not provide this type of service. The retailer you are working with may provide this service, or may be able to provide you with a list of local contractors.
Question  What is the maximum distance I can have between posts?
Distance allowed between posts to meet building codes depend on your deck layout, what your end connections are and the height of railing you choose. Please refer to the Design Manuals found on www.probuiltrailings.com for allowable configurations or take your deck layout to your local ProBuilt dealer to quote for you.
Question  What height of railing is required on my deck to meet building code?
Depending on your local building code, typically railing needs to be a minimum of 42 inches, finished height for surfaces more than 70.75 inches from ground level, for lower surfaces a 36 inch railing may suffice.
Question  I've heard that due to recent changes in building code, my deck may be classified as a roof. Does this effect the type of railing that I use?
If your deck does not allow for free drainage of water, it is considered a roof. Restrictions in building code do not allow for a roof surface to be compromised by anchors or screws, requiring a fascia mount system to accommodate railings. ProBuilt does have fascia mount brackets that accommodate our regular posts.
Question  What type of paint is used on ProBuilt?
We use the highest quality powder coating formulated to exceed one of the toughest paint standards in the industry for weathering specifications ~ AAMA 2604.
Question  How can I protect my deck from the effects of aluminum being in direct contact with it?
If you are concerned about aluminum being installed directly onto your deck we offer a 4"x4" Base Plate Gasket that is made of neoprene foam. The gasket is manufactured with screw holes already and simply fits between your deck and the post base plate.
Question  Does ProBuilt have a part that hides the base plate and screws?
As a finishing touch to your railing ProBuilt has base plate covers that snap around the post, available for 2 and 21/2" posts. Base plate covers are available in our 4 standard colours only. Not available in Diamond Series colours.
Question  What height of glass is used for ProBuilt railing?
For a finished railing height of 42" you will require 36" high glass, for a 36" finished height railing, 30" high glass is required.
Question  How much space should I have between posts for glass infill?
The recommended width of glass should be 2" less than the distance between posts for ease of installation. However it is recommended that you first install the aluminum frame and then measure for glass. If you have odd angles on your deck, more than 2 inches of clearance may be required between posts. If you are installing ProBuilt Windwall spacing should be 1" less than the distance between posts, again, measuring after frame installation is highly recommended.
Question  How should I fasten ProBuilt to a concrete surface?
Recommended mounting and fastening instructions are detailed in the ProBuilt Design Manual found on this site. Included is minimum distance between edge and fastener as well as minimum embedment depths for both concrete and wood.
Question  How does the top stair post work (I don't see a bracket for the stair railing)?
There are holes cut into the stair posts that allow the top and bottom rail to fit into and accommodate for varying angles/degrees of stairs.
Question  I'm installing glass railing and cannot get the glass gasket to fit into the top and bottom rail.
All ProBuilt top and bottom rail comes packaged with a clear vinyl picket gasket, you will need to remove this to allow the glass gasket to fit.